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Whether you next vacation is within the US or abroad it is important to be prepared and have a good idea of what sights you would like to see and activities you would like to participate in, but remember that flexibility and patience can turn a good vacation into a fantastic vacation. As you travel you may discover a parade in the local village or find a town that is so appealing you want to stop and spend the night. Leave yourself a little room to be flexible. Spontaneous situations often create the best memories.

Customs are different everywhere, even within the US, so patience can often play a large part in how the mood of a day progresses. Be prepared for communication difficulties and other cultural differences. When traveling to countries where English is not the first language, learn a few basic “getting by” phrases, like “where is the toilet?’ and “Do you speak English.” Trying to speak in the native language goes a long way.
SLOW DOWN, RELAX, you’re on vacation…

Next, don’t bring the whole closet with you. Many people like to start packing a few days (or weeks for some of us) ahead of time. This is a good way to take a look at what you initially packed and then take away (or substitute if absolutely necessary). Basic colors you can mix and match, materials that do not need ironing work best. Smaller and lighter is best in most travel situations especially if you’re moving around a lot. Do remember to pack you prescription medication in your carry on, but do not bring the whole medicine cabinet. All cities have drug stores and pharmacies. For help with your packing take a look at the packing checklist. Truckee Travel also has a selection of travel books; maps and Eagle Creek travel gear at our agency location.
Packing Checklist

Before Leaving Home Checklist

Tips for Bringing the Kids

Using Your Travel Dollars Wisely


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